giovedì 28 febbraio 2013

90s fashion vibes

 If you don't like the fashion style from the 90s you are outrageously OUT! At the moment we are surrounded by all these supadupa 90s vibes. Cropped tops, flatform shoes, holographic stuff and acid washed denim clothes are the must have for this year, especially for this spring/summer season.

For further trends simply click HERE (you won't regret it!)

So, if like me, you're a 90s nostalgic or you want to show off that good ole grungey-full of zips-leatherish look or just want to reclaim your Spice Girls/Leonardo DiCaprio tees well, fear no more, because this could be your favourite year, fashionably speaking.

Elle. xo

2 commenti:

  1. fashion instead of music... I love you as well :)

  2. @Giorgia: It'll be a some sort of a random blog, I won't be focused on a single topic only :p xx